Jettson Lure Eyes. Home to the largest selection of lure eyes in the world!

Welcome to the largest selection of lure eyes in the world!

Jettson Lure Eyes are available in fish, frog, snake, gecko, lizard, insect and many other types of eyes.

Handcrafted and made to order in the USA, we take the time to create a quality product you will be proud to use on your lures.

  • For use on soft and hard lures
  • Detailed designs in rich, vivid colors
  • Photographic quality imaging
  • Left and right sided eyes

Jettson Lure Eyes:

  • Hundreds of detailed designs
  • Full range of 15 sizes (6mm-19mm)
  • Vividly colored: photographic quality imaging
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Left and Right Sides
  • A choice of three standard backings: Holographic Silver, Chrome Silver, Pearlescent White
  • Packaged neatly on a labeled sheet

Our selection of backings provides the lure maker with a variety of options for their creations. Each backing changes the basic look and light reflection of each eye.

  • Pearlescent White – Our most richly colored Lure Eyes are made with this background.
  • Holographic – Adds a rainbow hued reflection which changes with the angle of the light.
  • Chrome – Highly reflective and flashy.