Thanks for your interest in creating a custom Jettson Eye. We can create just about anything you can think of. From things like placing your logo in an eye, to a design mimicking a specific creature, or something right out of your imagination.

How the process works:  

  1. Send a request using the form below.  Be sure to describe what you would like done, and please be as detailed as possible.
  2. Once the form mail is received, you will be contacted to review your request.
  3. If you are creating a custom logo design eye, a high resolution copy of the logo would be required. Not all logos lend themselves to fitting in to an eye shape.  Your logo will be reviewed and tested to make sure it will shrink down without any loss of content.  If your logo does not fit, and look proper, we can find a solution that will work. The closer to a circle or square pattern your logo is, the more likely it will look great in an eye.
  4. Once you have approved the basic layout for your custom eye, any color options will be designed and presented for approval.  If adjustments are needed, they can be made.  Once the art is completed, sample images will be sent for approval.
  5. Once the design has been approved, you may place an order for your custom eye, as often as you need them. There is a 2 pack minimum per order, and your initial order must be at least 4 packs.
  6. Custom eyes will only be sold to the client who requested them.  Custom eyes are not placed on the Web site for sale, without the client’s expressed permission.

Pricing and ordering information:

Custom eye designs are priced the same as any of our standard products.  Epoxy eyes are $12.49 per pack, and glass eye prices vary upon the size you purchase.  Logo eyes do not have any art fee associated with them.  All other custom eyes have a $45 art charged that must be prepaid prior to the start of the process.

Request a custom eye:

If you have a special request, such as custom logo eyes, or are interested in creating your own lure eye, please complete the form below.  Be sure to be as detailed as possible when explaining your request.


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