Milestone: Half A Million Jettson Lure Eyes Produced 1

MILESTONE: 500,000 Jettson Lure Eyes Produced!

In June 2018 we reached a major milestone, over 500,000 Jettson Lure Eyes produced!

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of Jettson Lure Eyes. Thank you to all of you who have placed orders, thanks to my wife for filling in when she can, thanks to my son, thanks to James(my assistant) for helping during production and thanks to all my friends and family who have supported my continuing efforts for the last three years.

This experience has been surreal, and has allowed me the pleasure of making eyes for some of the most talented and creative people in the business. It has been awesome being a part of the ever-growing lure maker community, where I have met some of the best people.

I would also like to share a little of the goings-on behind the production of Jettson Lure Eyes.

Many people visit, look at the selection and automatically assume this is a large company with a complete staff of employees. But much to their surprise, that is not the case. This is a family business, run mainly by one person, started with less than $100 and a ton of sweat equity. I eat, sleep and breathe Jettson Lure Eyes. Making Jettson Lure Eyes is my obsession.

Unlike other companies, there is nothing automated about Jettson Lure Eyes production. All of the Lure Eyes are meticulously hand made and packed to order. We make all our Lure Eyes to order, so we do not carry inventory. As each order comes in, it is added to the production queue, and the eye making process begins.

Until recently, I have been the lone worker in the production room. Yes, my awesome wife and son help me with the order processing and packing, but I am responsible for making the eyes. To get the job done, I must spend approximately 12-14 hours of each day making and packing eyes. I don’t get weekends or holidays off!

As part of the growing process, I recently hired a production assistant. His name is James, and finding him was not easy. It took lots of interviews to find the right person. It has been 12 weeks since he has started, and he has made a noticeable difference around the shop. He only contributes 10-12 hours a week, but it’s a great help. This fall we will be adding our first full-time employee to the team, and we hope to continue to grow in the future.

Now for a few statistics to summarize the last 12 months of production(50 weeks):

90 Hour Work Week

4580 work hours per year

12.85 hours per day average

210,000 eyes made per year

4200 eyes made per week, every week

598 eyes made per day, every day

25 eyes made per hour, every hour

I don’t think people realize how many Jettson Lure Eyes have been made, and how much work goes in to each pack. I have been so busing working, that until I ran the numbers, I didn’t even realize exactly how many eyes had been made. But wait, this is just the beginning. I plan on making another 500,000 Jettson Lure Eyes, and eventually millions more.

I hoped this post helped provide a little insight in to Jettson Lure Eyes, and thanks again to all those who support Jettson Lure Company and our products.

John Kiminas

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  1. Man that is an increditable story. We are going through the same thing here at Jazi Bait’s as we grow, we are a year old this June 5th. Long time coming. We are so glad we found you. Jasmine Owner/ Operator Jazi Bait’s.

    Jasmine Torres

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