Brown Sugar – 12mm – 4 pack (2 pair)


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NAME: Brown Sugar
SKU: 5065
SIZE: 12mm
QUANTITY: 4 pack (2 pair)
BACKING: Chrome Silver

Jettson Lure Eyes:
• Will bring your lures to life
• Feature left and right sided pairs
• Have an adhesive backing

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The photo you see is only a reference photo, unless you are viewing a mixed pack. Due to the nature of photography and the reflective properties of the eyes, the product photos may show imperfections that are not actually present in the eyes.


1 in stock

Jettson Lure Eyes

Designed especially for lure makers in mind, Jettson Lure Eyes will bring your lures to life.

Quality Lure Eyes make a difference. Why spend all your time and effort to create a beautiful lure, then ruin it with poorly crafted eyes. Separate your lures from the rest, invest in Jettson Lure Eyes.

All of our Lure Eyes are handcrafted, and made to order, right here in the USA. We take the time to create a quality product that you will be proud to use on your lures.

While viewing the photos of our Lure Eyes, keep the following in mind:

We have tried our best to capture the details and subtleties of each Lure Eye design with our product photographs. Due to the nature of photography and the reflective properties of the eyes, the photographs may show imperfections that are not present. You will be thrilled once you see the actual product.

Our Lure Eyes can be used for:

  • a new lure your are building
  • lures you custom paint or refurbish
  • replacement eyes for a current lure already have
  • sculptures
  • dolls
  • toys
  • any use you may think of

Affixing the Lure Eyes:

Unless specifically stated in the description, all Jettson Lure Eyes have a tacky backing. The tacky backing can be used to hold the eye in place while gluing or clear coating. It is recommended that the Jettson Lure Eyes be applied using a glue or epoxy.

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