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Lumin, Blue (Glass)

Sizes and other pertinent information, is detailed below.

Unless otherwise specified, all Jettson Glass Eyes are handmade to order. We aim to produce and ship all orders 6-8 weeks from the order date, but there are times when production may take longer.

Due to the nature of photography and the reflective properties of the eyes, the details in the product photos may appear a little blurry. Imperfections cast by background objects, that are not actually present in the eyes, may also appear in the photo.


Jettson Glass Eyes

Jettson Glass Eyes are brilliantly colored, and made using a reflective silver backing for realism.  These Glass Eyes do not have an adhesive backing and must be glued in to place.

  • Hundreds of detailed designs
  • Available in 11 sizes (8mm-50mm)
  • Vividly colored: photographic quality imaging
  • Left and Right Sides
  • Available individually, or by the pair

Available in the following sizes:

Glass Eyes may be purchased individually  or in pairs.

  • 8mm – fits a 11/32″ hole
  • 10mm – fits a 13/32″ hole
  • 12mm – fits a 1/2″ hole
  • 15mm – fits a 5/8″ hole
  • 20mm – fits a 51/64″ hole
  • 25mm – fits a 1″ hole
  • 30mm – fits a 1 13/64″ hole
  • 35mm – fits a 1 13/32″ hole
  • 40mm – fits a 1 5/8″ hole
  • 45mm – fits a 1 51/64″ hole
  • 50mm – fits a 2″ hole

About Jettson Glass Eyes

Jettson Glass Eyes are handcrafted, and made to order, in the USA. We take the time to create a quality product you will be proud to use on your creations.

  • Great for hard lures and taxidermy.
  • Detailed designs in vivid colors, bring your lures to life.
  • Photographic quality imaging unlike any other eyes on the market.
  • Left and right sided eyes for a natural look.

Use them for:

  • Custom lure building
  • Lure refurbishing/re-painting
  • Custom painted lures
  • Replacement eyes for store bought lures
  • Taxidermy
  • Sculptures
  • Any other use you may think of…

Color selection and design:

Jettson Glass Eyes are currently available in hundreds of designs.  Our selection is second to none, and we are continuously adding more designs to our collection.  In the near future, we will be providing an online facility which will allow customers to build their very own Glass Eye designs.

About the backing:

Glass Eyes are made using reflective silver backing. Each eye is coated with a metallic silver backing to give them a natural look. We will be adding more backing options in the future.

Affixing the Glass Eyes:

Unless specifically stated in the description, all Jettson Glass Eyes must be glued in place.  These eyes do not have an adhesive backing. We recommend using epoxy for best results.

Please note the following: Before gluing the Glass Eye in place, be sure the surface of your project is clean and that any paint is completely dried.  If you are not sure if your paint is dry, please wait at least 24 hours before affixing the eyes.

Jettson Glass Eyes are made to order:

Glass Eyes are made to order. All orders are processed and mailed out in 6-8 weeks from the order date, but there are times when order processing may take longer. Bulk ordering information can be found here.

Take advantage of one of the largest selection of lure eyes in the world. We are sure to have a style to fit your need.

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