Mixed Fish, Textured Collection – 19mm – 8 pack (4 pair)


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NAME: Mixed Fish, Textured Collection
SKU: FSH-0000
SIZE: 19mm
QUANTITY: 8 pack (4 pair)
BACKING: Holographic Silver

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The photo you see is only a reference photo, unless you are viewing a mixed pack. Due to the nature of photography and the reflective properties of the eyes, the product photos may show imperfections that are not actually present in the eyes.


Out of stock

Jettson Lure Eyes

Jettson Lure Eyes can be used for:

  • Custom lure building
  • Lure refurbishing/re-painting
  • Custom painted lures
  • Replacement eyes for store bought lures
  • Taxidermy
  • Sculptures
  • Any other use you may think of…

Lightweight and durable:

Use our Lure Eyes with confidence. Jettson Lure Eyes are made using a proprietary “Fusion” technique. Fusing the eyes together creates a very durable product.

Another key feature, is the ability to cut/trim our Lure Eyes. Using a razor knife, or other sharp instrument, you can trim a Lure Eye to fit irregular shaped eye holes. Even when cut, Jettson Lure Eyes will not come apart.

Affixing the Lure Eyes:

Unless specifically stated in the description, all Jettson Lure Eyes have a tacky backing. The tacky backing can be used to hold the smaller Lure Eyes in place while gluing or clear coating, but it is recommended that the larger Lure Eyes, 10mm and larger, be glued or epoxied in place. We always recommend that Jettson Lure Eyes be applied using a glue or epoxy so that they do not move while your clear coat dries.

Please note the following: If you decide to stick the Lure Eye to your fishing lure, make sure your paint on your lure has completely dried. If not, the adhesive will not adhere and the eye will move. If you are not sure if your paint is dry, please wait at least 24 hours before affixing the Lure Eyes to your lure.

Organization and storage:

Each pack of Jettson Lure Eyes come neatly organized on a labeled sheet. On one side is the label including the name, size, SKU and type of backing. On the other side are the Lure Eyes organized in pairs. Each pack of Lure Eyes is designed to fit in a baseball card notebook sheet holder. Place a few of these card holder sheets in to a notebook, and you have a great way to neatly organize your Jettson Lure Eyes.

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