Textured Fish, 1 Pair-25mm

Name: Textured Fish
Size: 25mm
Quantity: 1 Pair (2 eyes)

Due to the nature of photography and the reflective properties of the eyes, the details in the product photos may appear a little blurry. Imperfections cast by background objects, that are not actually present in the eyes, may also appear in the photo.


Jettson Glass Eyes

Jettson Glass Eyes:

Jettson Glass Eyes are brilliantly colored, and made using a reflective silver backing for realism.  These Glass Eyes do not have an adhesive backing and must be glued in to place.

  • Hundreds of detailed designs
  • Available in 11 sizes (8mm-50mm)
  • Vividly colored: photographic quality imaging
  • Left and Right Sides
  • Available individually, or by the pair

Available in the following sizes:

  • 8mm – fits a 11/32″ hole
  • 10mm – fits a 13/32″ hole
  • 12mm – fits a 1/2″ hole
  • 15mm – fits a 5/8″ hole
  • 20mm – fits a 51/64″ hole
  • 25mm – fits a 1″ hole
  • 30mm – fits a 1 13/64″ hole
  • 35mm – fits a 1 13/32″ hole
  • 40mm – fits a 1 5/8″ hole
  • 45mm – fits a 1 51/64″ hole
  • 50mm – fits a 2″ hole

Jettson Glass Eyes can be used for:

  • Custom lure building
  • Lure refurbishing/re-painting
  • Custom painted lures
  • Replacement eyes for store bought lures
  • Taxidermy
  • Sculptures
  • Any other use you may think of…

Affixing the Jettson Glass Eyes:

Our Glass Eyes do not have an adhesive backing.  All Glass Eyes must be glued or epoxied in to place. We recommend using a two part epoxy for the best results.

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